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Fairfax Media

While in Sydney I freelanced with the media company Fairfax Media, generally working on graphics for the Financial Review, a daily financial newspaper with distribution across Australia.

The environment was fast paced with very tight print deadlines always looming. Despite the frenetic pace of work there was also room to be creative – especially on campaigns when the newspaper partnered with businesses.

Working with the Events and Marketing team, I created campaign graphics for various events for print and digital applications.

The Road to 2100

The Road to 2100 was a series of talks, online seminars and advertorials which discuss the myriad issues facing business and society over the next century. It was part of a partnership between the Financial Review and Shell. I created a logo and style guide which dictated photographic choices and typography.

Above left: In-campaign print advert

Above right: Email promotion

Corporate Cycling Challenge

Art direction and design for the 2013 Corporate Cycling Challenge. I developed an overall style for the advertising campaign. This style was then applied in print (print advertising, menus and signage) and digital mediums (images for social media, Flash banners and eDM layouts).

Above left: Email promotion

Above right: Campaign graphics

Inflection Point

Art direction and design for Inflection Point, a conference dealing with the economic relationship between Australia and China. Print advertising, Flash banners, social media images, eDMs and signage were created to promote and support the event.

Above left: Half page print advert

Above right: Email promotion

Kooyong Legends Dinner

Above left: Half page print advert

Above right: Email promotion

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