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Sydney Children's Hospital Network

The Sydney Children's Hospital Network was created to achieve the goal of streamlining the various child medical services available in Sydney and New South Wales. This required the creation and design of a new website to host information about all of these services in a claer, rational and easy to use manner.

Working closely with a steering comitee (who advised on user testing, information architecture etc) I created a series of templates that could be used to house the many various types of information to be made available on the new website. When the templates were created and consensus was achieved on the user journey, I then set out to make the site visually appealing based on existing brand guidelines. A children's section was also developed for the site, in which I created imagery from photographs and my own illustrations.

The new site is a vast improvement over what had been a loosely collected set of poorly thought-out websites. The new site has all the information a parent needs, laid out in a rational and easy-to-use way making it a lot easier for concerned parents to access the services they need.

Above: UI elements for the site

Below: SCHN website

Below: Kids and Teens layouts

Below: Kids section BG illustration

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