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Talent International

Talent International is a global IT recruitment company. After almost 20 years in business, the company wanted to update it’s brand to fall in line with their evolved values.

I worked on the development of the brand across print and digital touch points. Working closely with the senior marketing team and company stakeholders I crafted a brand system that would be used company wide. This included creation of assets from stationery, to the global website, various sub brands and design for internal systems such as the company intranet.

Above top: The Talent logo and colour options

Above middle: Instead of using plain and tired stock images of office workers at computers, it was decided to use imagery that was aspirational and showed the lifestyle that work (provided by Talent International of course) could provide.

Above bottom: Talent colour palette. Blue and navy are dominant with the secondary palette consisting of greys and brighter colours to allow flexibility. Orange is used as a highlight colour, especially in online applications.

Talent stationery set. Use of cropped imagery on letterheads relates to the office location. The shape of the business card mirrors the break-away cursor in the Talent business cards.

Global Site Design

Talent required a new website design to allow clients and candidates to interact with and find out more about the business online. This website had to be functional, visually appealing and fully responsive.

Above: I developed various UI elements to and grids to aid in the design and development of the site.

Home page

Clients page

Contact page

Mobile Site

Other brands

Other products and services also needed to be branded as part of the overall rebrand. These included ENGAGE, a candidate portal and MyTi, Talent’s worldwide intranet.

Talent Unleashed Awards

The Talent Unleashed Awards are a yearly ceremony that seeks to find new tech innovators. During my contract at Talent I created the collateral for the 2014 awards.

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