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Talent RISE

Talent RISE is a youth-based initiative created by Talent International. It aims to help disempowered youth to gain skills and experience that will enable them to begin a career and live independently.

A brand system was required which spoke to the energy of youth and also related to the overall Talent masterbrand. This brand system was used to create a fully responsive website which acted as the main touchpoint for Talent RISE. Other promotional materials were also created.

Logo and brand exploration.

Above: The Talent RISE logotypes

Below: Colour palette and brand photography style

Talent RISE Site Design

The main touchpoint for the Talent RISE brand is its website. Here people can engage with the program by signing up to help, donate time or resources and share the message of the program.

Above: Early wireframe of site and typography hierarchy

Below: Talent RISE desktop and mobile site design

Print assets

A simple range of printed handouts were created for the brand amabassadors to use the spread the Talent RISE message.

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